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Red-Eared Sliders- A lot of you visit them at the nursery, now you can visit them on the web, Click here to learn about them. We do a few visits locally to schools and pet clubs to teach about these fascinating creatures. Please contact us for more info. 

 On June 18, 2005 our large female Red-Eared Slider left the pond and we were lucky to see her while she was laying a clutch of eggs. She laid seven at that time and six more on July 6. Please visit our slider page


New Jersey is one of the best states for gardening for many reasons. Our climate is good, our soils decent, and we are gifted with some of the best growers in the country. There are a wide range of plants for us to make use of in gardening. 

    The Plants Page will contain some of the best new or under used plants for our area. There are pages with information on annuals, perennials shrubs, and herbs. You can also find pages that address more specific areas, such as Butterfly plants, Daylilies, Ornamental grasses, Hosta, and others. We put a strong emphasis on locally grown plants. They have been acclimated to our area, withstood our weather changes, and proven themselves here. We will also try to show some of the problems that NJ gardeners are encountering and what may help against these problems.

  Please support your local nursery, greenhouse grower, and garden center. Our links page includes some of the best of them as well as other informational sites. New Jersey growers are faced with a wide range of different challenges and have proven to be an adaptable, imaginative, and interesting group. There are a number of people in agriculture who help to make gardening in New Jersey more enjoyable. I hope to let you know some of them better. A good place to start is on the Union County Board of Agriculture's Union County Jersey Fresh Website.  


Welcome to Fall in New Jersey. What a wild and crazy year. Summer was fair with decent yields in the vegetable gardens. Heat was on and winds remained high and many plants stressed. Impatiens took a hard hit from downy mildew and trying to see what effect will be for the future as initial reports are that it remains in soil and impatiens should not be planted for several years in areas that were affected. Hopefully resistant varieties will be available. Flowering vinca, caranthus, took a hard hit in the 90's from Pythothera and, after resistant varieties were bred, became one of the widest used annuals today. So while this year was bad, it will not be like impatiens will not be used anymore. For those who are removing their impatiens now, pansies should be ready for planting in mid September.

For vegetable gardens, there are a few fall vegetables still in. Garlic should be available in mid-September. We will be carrying cover crop for gardens this fall.

 Please fell free to contact us with any garden questions. We are thankful for your business and friendship.



New problem on hosta to be aware of Hosta Virus X- please go here to learn more- Click here


 One problem that is still a concern is Crown Rot on Hosta and Daylilies. All gardeners need to be aware of this problem. Visit here for more information.




Thanks for your patience.  

  Your input on this site will help and would be appreciated. If you feel there are links I am missing, please let me know by clicking here or on my name below. If there is anything else you feel is needed or you need help in other areas, please contact me with your suggestions. In the meantime, have fun and happy gardening!  Click here to find out a little about us. Thanks for stopping by and please come back often!

Bob Amberg

These new coleus are hot. Heres a very cool site on them-