Hosta Virus X


There is a virus that is hitting hosta all across the country that every gardener should be aware of. The symptoms can vary greatly between plants and varieties of hosta. Some plants have been bred with this virus as it can cause an interesting leaf.  Those hosta infected usually do not die quickly and can live for years infecting other hosta. Symptoms can disappear but the plant is still infected. Plant must be removed. It looks now that new hosta can be planted but wait at least a few weeks to allow any living hosta material is dead. The virus cannot survive without living hosta material. Personally I would wait until the next season. I have included several links which lead to better photos and descriptions than I can show. Please take the time to visit them and learn more. 

 Hosta Library- Includes good photos and also list of some varieties to watch. Also excellent aricle by Bill Meyers-

Kansas State University- fact sheet and Photos


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