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The third group is just other interesting areas that donít quite fit in the first two groups. If you have other links to suggest, please send them to me. Bob Amberg

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Abigal Gordon's Gardens- Very nice source of gardening tips, information, and sources.

American Horticultural Society- The American Horticultural Society is one the oldest national gardening organizations in the country

A to Z Seeds- Seeds, Seeds, Seed- Everything you want to find about seeds. Sources for and information on all types of seeds and their uses. If you are having a rough time finding a certain variety or need further information, check this out!

Big Creek Garlic and Ginseng- A Canadian grower of hard neck garlic. This is the garlic for New Jersey. What is often offered at stores for planting is the soft neck types. Any interest in growing garlic, this site is a must.

The Gardening Launch Pad- Links to many different gardening categories. 

Botanical.com- Descriptions, uses, and growing tips for over 800 herbs and medicinal plants.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden- The website for the Garden has a ton of information. Past articles from "Plants and Garden News" and much, much more.

City Farmer's Urban Agriculture Notes- Vancouver "Ideally we believe that simply by changing from suit to jeans, digging up a bit of lawn, and planting vegetable seeds, the city person will begin asking questions about his environment and about his urban behavior and thinking patterns."

Dig Magazine: Home and Garden Diversions- A neat E-periodical with a wide range of subjects covered in an interesting manner.

Fall Color Tree Identification- Use to help identify the fall colors of trees.

Floridata- A photographic encyclopedia for hundreds of plants and also a picture gallery of butterflies.


Garden Forever-Garden Forever is a place to read about how other people manage to continue to garden. In articles about the soothing effect of gardening, gardens in the sky (roof top gardens), overcoming health problems, gardens that shine in the evening, programs that help people, children, the elderly, the physically challenged, plus practical tips and ideas, we'll explore and highlight ways to help us all Garden Forever.

Garden Guides- This E-zine is an excellent source of information in an easy to understand and use format. There is a number of guide sheets, discussion boards, and other timely items. The newsletter, "Perennial Gardening", is a full color e-zine for gardeners who love perennials. Please take a look at the Feb 28, 2000 issue for some good ideas on cannas and other tropical bulbs. 

Gardening Joys-  Excellent range of informative articles on problems, plants and pleasures of gardening. Great for anyone interested in gardening, this site can help you find the information you have been looking for.

Gardening Organizations Directory, listings for: NY, NJ, CT- Great resource for Garden clubs, Public Gardens, and other resources around the tri-state area.

The GardenWeb is full of great information. There are forums, a search engine, and a great deal of other information. They have a newsletter that is sent by E-mail that offers timely tips and articles.

The Great Plant Escape- A gardening website for kids.

The Helpful Gardener- Excellent range of informative articles on problems, plants and pleasures of gardening. Great for anyone in the North-East, this site also lists sources for plant material along with its wealth of information.

Invasive.org. - A search engine for all sorts of info on invasive and exotic plants and pests.

IPMimages- Great collection of images of pests and other photos for anything agricultural related, very helpful for identification.

Ketzel Levine's Talking Plant's (NPR online)- Good resources, good writing, and good information. This site is enjoying to visit with fun quotes and a nice range of plants covered in an easy going manner. I like the plant profiles. I really like the Botanical name sounded out (Ex. Botanical Name: Berberis    Sounds like: Burger Kiss).   

Longwood Gardens- Visit Longwood Gardens.

National Gardening Association A searchable Q & A database covering all types of gardening information

Native Plant Society of NJ

Nature Photography- The gallery contains many very nice photos  of wildlife, birds, animals, wetlands and wildflowers.

NJGardens- Well worth visiting New Jersey Gardens. This link has a great list of Public Gardens in New Jersey, some small and some big. Some gardens offer virtual tours. 

New Jersey Weed Gallery- The Rutgers Co-operative Extension's collection of photos and descriptions of New Jersey weeds. Also a gallery of harmful plants that are found locally. 

NJTrees- Good information geared for NJ but relevant over a much broader scale. This site uses good images with a nice writing style to educate and inform all. Good links are used to help gain further knowledge. 

The Old Farmers Almanac needs no introduction. Full of information and gardening help.

Rutgers Cooperative Extension - You can get many different Extension fact sheets here, dealing with all sorts of NJ garden concerns, from deer to drought and everything in between. There is also a new website that is dedicated to the drought situation, www.drought.rutgers.edu .

"Secily's Garden Tips" - Your one stop source for garden tips, gardening information and more.

Suite101 Container Gardening- Good container gardening ideas.

Suite 101.com's Hot and Spicy Cuisine  Chile peppers and hotter. Like all the Suite101 sites, well done and worthwhile. 

Telegarden- High tech Garden site with interactive functionality on gardening.
Time-Life Plant Encyclopedia Excellent information database form - heavy textual site

Tomato Bob's- Tomato Bob offers over 400 varieties of hard to find Heirloom Tomato and Vegetable seeds many of which were offered in the Garden catalogs of the late 1800's. Tomatoes with flavor...not the Rubbery Supermarket Type!

Weather- The New Jersey State Climatologist. Current weather conditions, forecasts, NJ climate norms, historical data, publications and links to other sources of climate and weather information.

The WWW Virtual Library for Gardening- Links to Web resources, discussion areas, botanic gardens, Cooperative Extension Services, etc. Tons of info and links here

Chile Pepper Institute-  An official institute of NM State Univ. that was formed to study the chile and educate on the subject of capsicums.

Cook College- This is the links page for Cook College and the Ag. Experimentation Station You can also go to Cook's home page from here.

"If Plants Could Talk" If Plants Could Talk features gardening tips from local university experts, successful farmers, master gardeners, and many other plant experts. Topics include new and interesting plant varieties, safe and effective pest control, step-by-step cultural tips for landscape and garden, and visits to local farms, arboretums, and backyard gardens.

New Jersey Ag Society - Check out the latest on the Farmers Against Hunger program, Ag in the Classroom, the NJ Ag Leadership Development Program and more.

N.J. Department of Agriculture oversees programs that serve virtually all New Jersey citizens. One of the departmentís major priorities is to promote, protect and serve the Garden Stateís diverse agriculture and agribusiness industries.

The New Jersey Museum of Agriculture - Information about the exhibits depicting the evolution of agriculture. Learn more about the museum's programs,  highlighting the people, products, animals and ingenuity that have established the Garden State as a leader in agriculture.

Ohio State University-Horticultural and Crop Science- Wealth of information and technical support on gardening.


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