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Robert and Cathryn Amberg check out a February crop of Viola "Sorbet Yellow Frost". 


This site was put together by Bob Amberg of Amberg Perennial Farm. I am a greenhouse/ nursery/ perennial grower in Union County. Our farm is well into itís third generation. We have made many changes over the last 50 years, going from a field perennial/ vegetable grower to our present level. Weíve seen many changes in Union County and the rest of New Jersey. One area that has only changed for the better is the fact that more people than ever are putting their hands in soil and gardening. Maybe in today's high tech, high speed life, we all need gardening more than ever.

Agriculture has been a driving force in our life. We have a tremendous love for the earth and the plants and animals on it. We enjoy growing things and seeing them produce. From start, seeds bursting out of the soil or roots pushing out of a cutting, to finish, a fresh picked tomato eaten out in the field or a flower bursting open, there is a lot of pleasure in what we do. There is also a great deal of enjoyment in seeing others enjoying it. That's what this gives us a chance to share information with you.

We have all experienced a great deal and shared many of the same problems in our gardens. Insects, deer, drought, floods, New Jersey gardeners and farmers alike are tested in many ways. Letís see how we can overcome them and benefit from the experience. Thanks for visiting here and please visit again,

Bob Amberg

Union County is the youngest of New Jersey's counties, incorporated in 1857. The county has a population of 493,819 people living in a 102-square- mile area. There are 28 farms on 325 acres of farmland in the county. The agricultural industry in the county is focused on the nursery, shrub, and bedding plants markets

Photo by D. Diroll 

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