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Local sources- Nice places to visit in person or by web, these sources offer a good assortment of New Jersey grown plants and other excellent materials.

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Amberg Perennial Farm, Inc  - A third generation nursery located in Scotch Plains. A wide range of perennials, annuals, herbs, and nursery plants. Select daylilies, hosta, and new varieties of perennials.  Vegetables, vines, native plants, and flowering shrubs.

Dreyer's Farm and Nursery- Cranford NJ farm and nursery that is into itís fourth generation. They offer a great range of plant material from herbs, annuals, and other flowering material to landscape size nursery plants. This is topped off by some of the best locally grown produce. The last farm stand in Union County to grow their own produce.

Triple Oaks Nursery-  For those in the Southern part of NJ, here is an excellent source- great selection of plant material and information, as well as a gift shop and complete line of tools, books and other gardening necessities. If you cannot find time to visit the display gardens at the nursery, make time to visit the website as the information here is a tremendous asset to the NJ and PA gardener. 

Also please check the Union County Board of Agriculture's Jersey Fresh website.


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