Ornamental Grass

Following is a list of the ornamental grasses we carry during the season. All may not be ready at a particular time and we usually have other varieties in stock. If there is something you are looking for, but do not see on this list, or have any other question, please ask. Our favorite varieties have a C in front of them.

Calamagrostis acutiflora 'Overdam'- Variegated Feather Reed Grass- Nicely variegated with white edged erect leaves in compact clumps. Pink plumes in early summer. 2-3' tall; Zone 5-9; Sun

CCalamagrostis arundinacea 'Brachytricha'- Korean Feather Reed Grass- Foliage turns bright yellow in fall. Pinkish flowers come later in the season than "Karl Foerster" 3' tall; Zone 5-9; Sun, part shade

CCalamagrostis arundinacea 'Karl Foerster'- Feather Reed Grass- Vertical habit, green leaves, golden flowers. Showy blooms appear in summer. 4-5' tall; Zone 5-9; Sun

Chasmanthium uniola latifolium- Clumping bamboo-like foliage. Showy, droopy flowers dangle like earrings. Blooms are green in spring and copper in fall. 3' tall; Zone 5-9; Shade tolerant

Deschampsia cespitosia- Scottish tufted hair grass- Valued for itís green or purple tinged airy panicles that appear in late June and hold through late August above itís dark green leaves on a nice clump. 18" tall; Zone 4-9; sun- part shade, moist, well drained soil.

Elymus arenarius 'Glaucus'- Blue Lyme Grass. Metallic blue-gray foliage. Leaves are solid color, tending to stoop over around perimeter of clump. Quick aggressive grower. 2-3' tall; Zone 4-9; Sun

CErianthus ravennae- Hardy Pampas Grass. One of the giants of the grass world. Lush foliage with tall flower spikes. 10-12' tall; Zone 6-9; Sun

CFestuca glauca 'Elijah's Blue'- Dwarf Blue Fescue. May be the best blue! Evenly rounded tufts of thin blue grass. 8" foliage, 18" flowers; Zone 4-8; Sun, part shade

Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron'- Japanese blood grass. Bright red tips on green foliage makes a dramatic groundcover.1-1 1/2' tall; Zone 6-9; Sun, part shade, tolerates moist locations

Miscanthus s. 'Grazziella'- Large white flowers in August and slender foliage. 5-6í; Zone 5-9; Sun

CMiscanthus s. 'Gracillimus'- Maiden Grass- Graceful slender arching foliage. Blooms in October. 6-8' tall; Zone 6-9; Sun

CMiscanthus s. 'Puenktchen' (Little Dot)- Narrow leaves, compact form of Zebra grass with tall plumes high above the foliage. 2-3' tall; Zone 5-9; Sun

CMiscanthus s. 'Sarabande'- Fine silvery foliage. Among the finest Miscanthus! 4-6' tall; Zone 4-9; Sun

Miscanthus s. 'Silberspinne'- Variegated green and white foliage. Blooms in September. Excellent grower! 6-8' tall; Zone 6-9; Sun

Miscanthus s. 'Variegatus'- Variegated Japanese silver grass-. White striped leaves have an arching growth habit. Very graceful! 5-7' tall; Zone 6-9; Sun

Panicum virgatum (Switch or Panic Grass) 'Heavy Metal'- Very stiff upright plant with metallic blue foliage. Blooms are airy and attractive. 3-4' tall; Zone 5-9; Sun

Panicum v. "Shenandoah"-The brightest red switchgrass. It colors up by June and is the shortest Switch Grass at 3í. z 5-9, Sun

CPennisetum alopecuroides- Fountain Grass. Lush arching foliage. Green narrow leaves. Late summer blooms are foxtail like. 4' tall; Zone 6-9; Sun

Pennisetum a. 'Little Bunny'- Miniature fountain grass. Petite, very fluffy white blooms. 11" tall; Zone 6-9; Sun

Pennisetum a. 'Little Honey'- Variegated miniature fountain grass. Petite, very fluffy white blooms. 11" tall; Zone 6-9; Sun

Pennisetum s. 'Rubrum'- Purple fountain grass. Long red-purple flowers on cascading purple foliage. A quick bloomer, used as an annual or container. 3-4' tall; Zone 9-10; Sun