Ninebark "Diabolo"


This has become my favorite of the year. This Physocarpus or purple ninebark is a fast grower. It has been grown in Europe for a while and is widely acclaimed there. It has deep burgundy leaves, and attractive white button-like blooms in summer. Again this is a quick grower with season long appeal. 

    "Diabolo" is an easy growing shrub that is very hardy (zone 3-7) and adaptable to a wide range of conditions. It is tolerant of many soils, preferring a well drained site. It will take some shade but will have the best color in full sun. Reaching 5-6' high and 4-5' wide, this will do great in back of the perennial garden or mixed in shrub borders, or even as a foundation plant. The flowers and foliage are great for cutting. This can be a great replacement for Purple sand cherry in landscapes.

    This is one of several "ColorChoice" plants that we grow.  Others include Itea "Little Henry", Hibiscus "Lavender Chiffon", Weigela "Wine and Roses" and "Midnight Wine", Hydrangea "Limelight". For more on these and other "ColorChoice" plants, please visit the following site, or check our shrub area for others. The picture above is from their website and you can also visit their site by clicking on the picture.

Itea Weigelia "Canary" Weigelia "Wine and Roses" Hydrangea Pan. "Unique" Viburnum "Summer Snowflake" Spirea "Magic Carpet" Hydrangea Lemon Wave Althea "Lavender Chiffon" Ninebark "Diabolo" Knockout Roses









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