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In 2001, we began an extensive update of the Hosta we grow. This page will contain descriptions of the hosta we are switching over to. I will keep the other page up until we completely switch over or since it still has a great deal of information on some really good varieties, maybe we'll keep it up. Here is a great link for anyone wishing more information on Hosta, visit the Hosta Library for photos, descriptions and lots more information.

In the summer of 2002, we had a very hot, dry month of July. As August started, we saw a few cases of Crown Rot on hosta and daylilies. This has traditionally been a  Southern problem. It is a very serious problem and all gardeners should be aware of it and what to do. Please take a few minutes and visit our page on Crown Rot.


American Hosta Grower's Hosta Of the Year- To become a Hosta Of the Year, a hosta must-1) retail for about $15.00 in the year it is selected, 2) be widely available and in sufficient supply, and 3) must be a garden plant in all parts of the country.

1996-"So Sweet"- Glossy green leaves with wide white margins. Large, fragrant flowers, 18" h x 24" w.

1997-"Patriot"- Dark green leaves with a wide white edge.  Dramatic variegation is maintained deep into the summer. A fast grower with pale lavender flowers. 18" h x 24" w

1998-"Fragrant Bouquet"- Great fast growing plant with gold 1/2" margins that change to white by early summer. Clean, bright variegated foliage and large fragrant flowers in mid August- early September. 48"w x 22"h 

1999- "Paul's Glory"-Excellent specimen plant with good substance and mound-like habit. Dark green margin with a center that changes from chartreuse in spring to white by mid-summer. 55"w x 25"h

2000-"Sagae"-Gold margin turn creamy white by midsummer in sun while staying more gold in shade. Vase shaped mound habit with leaves of good substance. 30"h x 70"w

2001- "June"- Pointed leaves have heavy substance and a gold center with a blue-green margin. 12"w x 30"h. 

2002- "Guacamole"- Fantastic plant with gold centered leaves with green edges. Leaf color intensifies with more light and as the season progresses. Fast growing with fragrant flowers in August. 54"w x 24"h

2003- "Regal Splendor"- This beautiful margined sport of "Krossa Regal" is a bit slower to get going than the others in this group but well worth the wait. Good as a specimen or accent plant, this develops a vase shaped mound. The leaves start out the season with a creamy yellow center and a powdery blue center and changes to a creamy white edge and a dark green center by mid-summer. 70"w x 32"h

The "Fragrant Bouquet" Family- Fried Bananas, Fried Green Tomatoes, Guacamole

"Fragrant Bouquet" has been out for a number of years . It is a great looking hosta that is fast growing and able to fill a wide range of uses in the landscapes. It also has fragrant, pale lavender flowers in late August- early September. Bob Solberg of North Carolina selected a mutation of this and introduced it as "Guacamole". Mr. Solberg then selected several sports from "Guacamole" and released "Fried Bananas" and "Fried Green Tomatoes". All are exceptional hostas, known for fast, vigorous growth, fragrant flowers, and beautiful foliage. Descriptions for "Fragrant Bouquet" and "Guacamole" are at the left in the Hosta of the Year descriptions and for good reason. Treat yourself to one or all!!

"Fried Bananas"- Fragrant flowers and bright gold foliage create a great accent plant. 53"w x 23"h

"Fried Green Tomatoes"- Vigorous, green-leaved member of this group. 60"w x 26"h


White edged-  "Border Patrol"- This is very much like "Regal Splendor", like a white edged "Krossa Regal". Gets to 30" tall with a vase shaped habit. "Brim Cup"- Rich green leaves with a irregular creamy white margin, fast growth rate, and a great texture make this into a beautiful specimen in good time. "Fair Maiden"- Foliage emerges in spring with a dark, green center and streaky yellow-white margin that turns white as the season goes on. "Patriot"- See above. "Queen Josephine"-The contrast between the dark green center and the creamy yellow edge, combined with the fast growth rate, and good substance and texture make this a great hosta. 17"h x 40"w. "Regal Splendor"- See above.  "So Sweet"- See above. "Thumbelina"- A low mound of attractive white margined foliage with fast growth rate. 10"h x 24"w. Hosta "rec. var. chiona"-  Pictured above, this unusual hosta has slender blade like leaves with white edge. 15"h x 24"w.

White or gold centered-  "Guacamole"- See above. "Inniswood"- This great specimen plant has good variegation, the gold center showing nicely against the dark green margin. The thick substance helps with good slug resistance. 22"h x 45"w. "Lucy Vitols"- Yellow green leaves are edged with a narrow green margin and are very heavily textured with intense puckering. 10"h x 16"w. "Pineapple Upside-down Cake"- A fast growing mound with brightly variegated narrow leaves that are rippled. The plant starts out green early in the season and changes to a green margin with a bright gold center by mid-summer. 18"h x 45"w. "Striptease"- A beautiful hosta that develops a thin white strip between the gold center and green edge. 

Gold edged- "Dust Devil"- Dark green center and a creamy white margin, this also has an excellent growth rate. 23"h x 48"w. "Olive Bailey Langdon"- Named for a past president of the American Hosta Society, this hosta is an excellent replacement for "Frances Williams". The leaf shows later in the season and it is not as prone to the leaf burn as "Frances Williams". Good texture with a nice gold margin on a blue green leaf. 28"h x 60"w. "Queen Josephine"- Creamy yellow margins border a dark green center offering a striking contrast. Good substance, fast growth, and glossy leaves make a great hosta. 17"h x 40"w. "Summer Breeze"- Wide gold margins surrounding a rich green center and a excellent growth rate make a fantastic hosta. 22"h x 48"w. "Wolverine"- Pictured above, a gold edged blue lance shaped leaves and a quick growth rate make a beautiful mound of gently arching foliage. 18"h x 35"w.

Blue- "Blue Cadet"- This hosta quickly forms a dens mound of bluish heart-shaped foliage. Good for ground cover or edging, with a nice showing of flowers in July. 15"h x38"w."Camelot"-Heart shaped leaves with excellent substance give this hosta quite a bit of slug resistance. "Hillbilly Blues"- Powdery blue leaves are deeply veined and form a flat 3 foot mound. The leaves are heart shaped with very heavy substance. Pale lavender flowers open in August- September. The first hosta to combine the characteristics of the species kikutti and sieboldiana.  H. sieboldiana "Elegans"- A large hosta with blue-green heart shaped leaves. Off-white flowers. 36" h x 50" w

Gold- "Fried Bananas"- See above. "Gold Regal" - Pointed, yellow-chartreuse leaves are held upright and outward, at an angle. Purple flowers on 42" scapes in July. 16" high by 24" wide. "Squash Casserole"- A Tony Avent introduction, this has gold, heavily veined oval leaves with a lightly rippled edge. A fast growing plant, this will quickly form a large clump. Large, wavy, chartreuse-gold leaves fan out to make a spectacular 4' wide clump. "Sum and Substance"- Very large gold thick leaves. Tall lavender flowers. 30" h x 48" w, "Sun Power"- With a few hours of sun a day , this semi-vase shaped mound gets a bright gold color. Good specimen plant with a medium growth rate. 26"h x 60"w.

Green- Most of these green leafed types are forms of H. plantaginea, also known as the August Lily, with shiny light green leaves and 5" long white very fragrant flowers in August. "Aphroditae"- Huge white double flowers highly fragrant, bold chartreuse foliage to 24"h. "Lily Pad"-A neat little hosta known for it's round, dark green leaves and late blooming, spider shaped purple flowers. Great rock garden plant or low edger. 10"h x 24"w. "nigrescens 'Elatior'"-A huge mound of foliage that can be topped by very tall scapes (6'). Great background plant or use as a specimen. 36"h x 80"w. "Popo"-The low dense mounding habit make this a great edger or rock garden plant. 8"h x 20"w.  

Misted-"Spilt Milk"- A unique collectors hosta with white streaks and splashes over green heart shaped leaves.




Hosta 2002


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