Salvia "Maraschino"

Salvia gregii "Maraschino"

Salvia x gregii "Maraschino" and its brother "Wild Watermelon" are selections of Autumn Sage from Richard Dufrense. They are shrubby plants which bloom strong from June to July and right into the fall. They seem to burst into full gear in late September and always put on a great show in mid fall. They are listed as hardy to zone 7 but we have had them survive the three winters previous to the last. It will be interesting to see how they fared over the past one. Even used as an annual they are great plants. They are very attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds and always seem to be in flower from June through November. They are easy and  undemanding and make excellent container plants for the patio.  They require excellent drainage and full sun. They benefit from occasional trimming and good fertilization. "Maraschino" has scarlet flowers and "Wild Watermelon " is a fuchsia color. They are fantastic in a mixed planter. Try them with verbena, Million Bells, gaura "Siskiyou Pink", or whatever you like for a great effect. At the end of the season, try planting in your garden and help me prove their perennial status.  

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