New Begonias




Begonia 'Fireworks'Begonia ‘Fireworks’
Deep metallic, paisley purple bands encircle an
iridescent silver-white center that is undeniably
striking. Great pink flowers add to the appeal.
This plant did especially well in our display
gardens in amended garden soil. Not as picky
as a Rex and shows great vigor. Upright habit.
Z 10-11 l 12/12/14 ∞ i
Begonia 'River Nile'Begonia ‘River Nile’ (Thompson)
More tolerant of cold than most begonias, this one
sports bright chartreuse leaves that are heavily
edged in dark red. The borders are also ruffled
and the leaf bases swirl like a ram’s horn toward
the leaf center. Light pink flowers. Great as a
patio plant or as a houseplant, easier to grow
than a Rex. This plant did especially well in our




Begonia 'Benitochiba'





Some great begonias out on the market now. "Sinbad" is an old plant that has surfaced again. Cool leaves and easy flowering, this works as a container plant or in the garden.