“Red Dragon” 

Persicaria “Red Dragon” 

    One of the best new plants out in 2000 has to be this. This new persicaria has bright red fleshy stems that arch up to 36”, growing into a 5-6’ wide mound. Each stem is covered with leaves that have a stunning pattern of dark purple/ burgundy and mint green with silver chevrons running down the middle of each. Each clump is covered with sprays of white baby’s-breath like flowers throughout the summer.
This is a non-invasive form which will do well in the perennial border or look fantastic in combination planters. Persicaria microcephala  “Red Dragon” is a fast grower and will soon fill out a good sized container. It is hardy from zones 4-9. It prefers a moist soil and good sun but is quite adaptable.

    In 2001, we are taking another look at this plant. Over the winter, I saw a lot of loss in the plants I over-wintered in containers. I am waiting to see how the ones I have planted in the ground have fared. This would still make a nice annual to grow in mix containers or by itself. It may not be as hardy as first believed.  

    8/22/2001 All right, I am very satisfied with this plant. The ones I have planted in the ground have all come back very nicely. They have formed nice plants flowering now. The container plants suffered a lot a damage and were very slow to come back. Even in the ground, this was slow to come up in the spring but is definitely in good growth now. I like... I Like!!

    5/7/2002 A New Jersey perennial, this is and fine one at that. Use as an annual in containers( and be pleasantly surprised if it comes back) or use as a great plant in the perennial garden.

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